OCF-Dipole 60/30/15m

This Antenna provides the bands a ZS6BKW can’t. Maybe I just invented this and should apply for a patent?

The IM-Antenna

It’s a OCF-Dipole, fed with 600 Ohm ladderline, no tuner in use

I haven’t build one of those, but from my experience when i built the ZS6BKW and the OCF-dipole for 60 and 30m, I’m very confident it will work. Efficiency 90%+ on all 3 bands, no tuner in use. Below you see the results calculated by the Multi-Resonannce-Finder.

And here is, what the widespread G5RV provides:


Surprising, right? The famous G5RV is a monoband antenna!

Of course, with a tuner in use, everything looks better, but still…. Do you know how YOUR tuner handles this?

And , for completion, the ZS6BKW

no tuner in use

with tuner in use

The ZS6BKW wins hands down and if you add the „IM-Antenna“, you have all bands 80m-10m(6m) with good efficiency on 2 antennas at very low costs.