OCF-Dipole 60/30/15m

This Antenna provides the bands a ZS6BKW can’t. Maybe I just invented this and should apply for a patent?

The IM-Antenna

It’s a OCF-Dipole, fed with 600 Ohm ladderline, no tuner in use

I haven’t build one of those, but from my experience when i built the ZS6BKW and the OCF-dipole for 60 and 30m, I’m very confident it will work. Efficiency 90%+ on all 3 bands, no tuner in use. Below you see the results calculated by the Multi-Resonannce-Finder.

And here is, what the widespread G5RV provides:


Surprising, right? The famous G5RV is a monoband antenna!

Of course, with a tuner in use, everything looks better, but still…. Do you know how YOUR tuner handles this?

And , for completion, the ZS6BKW

no tuner in use

with tuner in use

The ZS6BKW wins hands down and if you add the „IM-Antenna“, you have all bands 80m-10m(6m) with good efficiency on 2 antennas at very low costs.


For reference only. SK0EN/B qsyed out of the satellite uplink passband after the owner had been informed that his beacon inadvertently makes it over the satellite

Be careful, this might be loud! Soundsample of the QO-1ØØ Beacon with SKØEN/B buried under the higher tone of the upper beacon. The loud tone is the QO-1ØØ Beacon, the faint tone is SKØEN. You need to listen to the satellite for some cycles when the QO-1ØØ Beacon pauses, but after a while you can complete the transmission : Long carrier, short pause, SKØEN/B JO99JX, short pause, repeat a few times . Long carrier. Audiofile only: @1min.20sec full call SKØEN/B

Audio only

Video with Audio